Dr. Mohamed Al Naschie writes on atomic weapons

The possibility that nuclear weapons could be used in the Russian-Ukranian war is unlikely because these weapons could annihilate the world.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Al Naschie ruled out the use of atomic weapons and bombs in the Russian Ukrainian war because the bombs would annihilate planet earth.

He affirmed that the use of nuclear weapons whether atomic bombs, tactical nuclear bombs  or what’s known as dirty bomb are all impossible because they would affect the whole world and not only Eurasia. In fact It will affect Russia first then the whole world

He explained that the threats to use such weapons are essentially political and economic in nature aiming at causing worldwide shortages in oil and food and hence causing severe price hikes in these commodities.

He also referred with disdain to international cartels that for self-interest want the escalation of a destructive war which drains the resources of countries for the benefit of war mongers and the weaponry industry. These gains are not of any benefit for the peoples of the world and the international community at large and they benefit only the interests of a very narrow group  and undermine International peace and security of the world at large.

He forewarned that if these destructive weapons are used in error then it’s like playing with fire. In that respect he added that when the US used the atomic bomb to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki no other country in the world had developed sophisticated nuclear weaponry at the time and hence there was no threat of a worldwide retaliatory nuclear  war.

Now the situation is a great deal different. Russia, Germany and Japan have nuclear weapons and the bombs deployed in the Hiroshima Nagasaki attacks were not as powerful as the ones at present.

He added that a good case in point is when the US decided  to invade Iraq in 2003 after it became crystal clear that they did not have weapons of mass destruction and if Iraq had such weapons then the US would not have opted to invade Iraq.

He referred to Saddam Hussein’s mistake  in allowing the International Atomic Agency to conduct field inspection to determine whether or not Iraq  had such weapons.  It’s report confirmed that Iraq had no such weapons and subsequently the US invaded Iraq and this resulted in the total dissolution of its  army and in utter chaos.

He praised the role of Egypt in the Russian/Ukrainian crisis which advocates a political and diplomatic settlement of the crisis in order to alleviate all the economic problems on the people of the world and to consolidate international peace and security.

He confirmed that this crisis must end so that all the money spent on the weaponry is much better directed towards development and construction instead of destruction. He insisted that both the US and Russia are two great and intelligent super powers and are  capable of ending this crisis for the sake of international stability. Egypt’s leading role in resolving this crisis and others on the world stage cannot be undermined and is highly appreciated nationally and internationally.

He stressed that empathising  with the civilians in this war that has lasted for months is a humanitarian duty which brings to light the absence of it vis a vis thé Palestinian people whose land has been occupied since more than 74 years without any real humanitarian and empathic action on the part of the international community.

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