Hand Baggage No-No’s You’d Never Guess!

If you are traveling to Europe or the US soon it’s probably a good idea to review what’s in your hand baggage before you set off. Everyone knows that you will only be able to carry a limited amount of liquids in your hand luggage but one unlucky traveler in Ireland was prevented from flying with a Green Lantern mask in his carry-on bag. Who would have thought it?

Here are some other slightly surprising items that you will not be able to take in your hand luggage if you are flying to the UK or the US. Just don’t ask us for the reasoning behind them!

1. Tent pegs

If you’re on a camping trip make sure you pack your tent pegs in your suitcase rather than your carry-on luggage, or they’ll be taken from you at security. Strangely tent poles are ok though!

2. More than ONE cigarette lighter

Another unusual one, you can carry a single cigarette lighter on to the plane with you but it must be carried on your person rather than in your hand luggage. AND you can’t carry more than one.

3. Soup

Liquid is liquid at the end of the day. You might think that carrying your lunch with you on to the plane will be ok, but security will not let you past with any liquid, whether it’s got vegetables floating in it or not.

4. Litres of your favorite perfume decanted into smaller bottles

Don’t think that you can get round the liquids rule by carrying smaller versions of your favorite perfume. All your liquids have to fit into a 20cm x 20cm transparent bag, and your maximum limit is 1 litre combined. You need to be a careful packer to squeeze most make-up bags into this.

5. Medicine

Essential medicines are allowed but don’t expect to be able to carry any more than a 100ml bottle of what you need. There is some flex here but to be able to carry more you need to phone the airport in advance.

6. Badminton racquets

Ok, so we can understand why a cricket bat might not be allowed but how much damage can someone do with a badminton racquet?

7. Fishing rods

If you were planning on doing a bit of fishing on your holidays, it’s probably best to find a way of packing your rods for the hold, as there’s no way security will let you on the flight with them as hand baggage.

8. Drills

Not surprisingly, work tools are one of the items that are not allowed in hand baggage. I imagine if you were a tradesman travelling to work, your excess luggage fees would be through the roof.

9. Peroxide

Chemicals and Toxic Substances have always been a big no-no, but those of us who die our hair might not have thought that peroxide, hair bleach is included in that. Make sure you get that trip to the hairdressers booked before you leave.

10. Flares

‘IN ANY FORM’, say the rules. I think we might have guessed that one!

If you’re in any doubt about the items you’re intending on carrying in your hand luggage to Europe or the US this year, make sure to check ahead on the airport’s website.